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"An amusing and sometimes quite scathing look at academia, racial tensions, and the oppressive weight of the past that still characterizes life in the South."
--Kirkus Reviews Recommended Review
"Through deftly alternating perspectives and with quiet, occasionally biting humor, Haylow depicts Atlanta at the end of  the twentieth century, still marked by the Civil War and decades of racial conflict yet moving toward its future as a capital of the New South."  Five Stars. 
--Foreword Reviews 
"Perhaps there is no version of history that can heal the South...Vibrant and potentially vital."
--American Book Review
"A deftly written and emotionally complex novel, Haylow is a consistently compelling read from beginning to end."
                                                                                                            --Midwest Book Review
"Haylow encourages us to question our history, beliefs and values."
--Brit + Co
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